Story of Her.

Today is her day. I owe it to her. So I’m gonna tell a story. A story of her. She was someone I used to loved. She’s a friend of a friend of mine. That’s how I get to know her. It’s all started in 2012, circa March 2012 to be exact. That’s how we met. Boy meets girl. She wasn’t in any my circle of friends. Around March 2012, I organized a trip down to Melaka for R.A.G.E, 2012, which organized by fellow EMiNians in Melaka campus. While most of the people joined the trip for the event, she joined just to meet her friend who continues her studies in Melaka campus. And that’s how it’s all started.


When I saw her in the bus, I thought “Hey, this girl is cute.” She had short straight hair at the time, and I like girls with short hair. But the reason I remembered her was because she’s a troublesome “guy”. When she wanted to join the trip, she didn’t actually come to the booth, instead she just calls and said wanted to come, but never do. With her middle name, I thought she’s a guy, a troublesome one. I tried to talk to her a couple times, but being a weird guy in an anime club, I can’t do much. Most of the time I talked to her friends instead because I know them more than I do her. But at times, I tried to joke, a lame one probably with her and her friends. It was quite memorable trip for me.

Fast forward a couple months, we got to know each other again on Twitter. All this thanks to that mutual friend of us. We tweeted each other a lot. We mentioned, even unmentioned at times, which makes my circle of friends on Twitter crazy because I tweet like I was conversing, but I didn’t mention anyone. It went on for a quite a while. But what started it all was that one night. I had some drinks and tweeted nonsense on Twitter. When I was about to go to bed, I received a WhatsApp text from a random number. Well, it wasn’t really a random because I do have her number due to the trips we had before. I have a tendency to save all the contacts who joined my club activities. To be honest, I was quite excited when I saw the text. This was after a while we conversing on Twitter like crazy person. From then on, we text, while at times still tweeting each other a lot. We talk about random stuff. Sometimes about her, sometimes about me and sometimes nothing related.

My favourite shot of her.

My favourite shot of her.

She was what I thought she is. She’s funny, easy to talk to, open and cute. She is cute. As we progressed, we live practically together. We do everything together. We plan everything together. Class schedule, going out, meeting friends. At times do something she likes, and she loves karaoke and buffet. Most of the time that’s what she wants. As for me, I love watching movies. So we went to movies together too. Over the time, we spent less time outside, more at home. One reason was that I was in a little of financial hiccups. While I do work part-time during the weekends, I barely able to eat. Even with all that, she’s still with me by my side. We help each other, most she helped me. But at times, I still bring her out sometimes just to make her happy. I really like it when she’s happy. She’ll become cuter too.

But like everything in the world, it bound to have an end. So did we. But no matter what, she’s still someone that’s close to my heart. I wished for us to be together again, but as of late I think what we had was enough and for our sake, we should go on our separated way. I still wish for her happiness in this world, no matter where she is, what she does. I will always remember her and everyone.


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