Being a…

I was a president for an anime club in MMU for a while. Although I wasn’t very good at communicating and handling people, I tried to do my best. I served EMiNA Cyber for three years. A lot of things happened within that three years. I met a lot of good folks within the ACG circle, and sometimes outside. I did something I wasn’t proud of with some folks, but that’s all on me.  I may not be the best president of all time for the club, but I don’t think I’m the worst. At least I think I’m not.

I usually handled the activities during my year myself. Most of the activities, if I could, I’ll handle it and maybe hand down a few task to the committees to help me out when I can’t do it or I was occupied with something else. But if I’m free, I’ll do it myself. Mainly because I don’t like to rely on others to do things. It’s not that I don’t want to rely on them, it’s just I don’t like when they’re not reliable to do the task.

There’s a reason why you failed being a president. That’s cause you don’t trust other people to do their job and do everything yourself.

— Lony Henry (@Lony_HM) August 5, 2014

Then you complained about other people not doing anything. That’s because you didn’t give them any job at the first place.

— Lony Henry (@Lony_HM) August 5, 2014

I tried to trust my committee to do their job, but sometimes they just forgot and didn’t do it. Sometimes they gave excuses, so I rather do it myself. Even when I gave a simple task, sometime I ended up doing it myself after a few times bugging them to do it. I didn’t want to wait for them to take like forever to do it, and ended up cancelling the activities, especially when money involved and people paid for it. Refund is one thing, you killed people hope for the activities to happen is another. I wouldn’t expect you to understand even though you might. It’s the same case with group assignments.

What’s the use of the booth schedule I made then? I might as well put your name there 10-6 everyday kan?

— Lony Henry (@Lony_HM) August 5, 2014

Yes, maybe you might. One of the reason of I wanted to be at the booth is because I was free, so I wanted to help out. Having a booth schedule is great. But even when you set everything up nicely, you still can’t avoid Murphy’s Law. As example today when you set few people in charge from hours to hours. There’s a period of when the person who’s in your schedule couldn’t come due to inevitable excuse (i.e. sick), and there’s no one will be at the booth if that happens. Luckily, someone is free to cover up for her, so it’s all fine. Even so, there’s a period where people just finished their class and they takes like 30 minutes or less to walk to the booth and the person in charge went to their class. Within that timeframe, who will be at the booth then?


Another reason I always wanted to go to the booth as much as I can is because I felt responsible. I may not be the most responsible person in the world, but I obligated to feel that way this matter. Why? Because you’re organising a trip that cost around 5-6k and that’s is a huge amount of cash involved. What if suddenly all the money that the people paid was lost, will then you’ll regret that you’re not there to keep eye at the booth even though you’re free?

I don’t even understand why you need 10 people to be at the booth. When they go there you just ignore them & tell them to sit somewhere else

— Lony Henry (@Lony_HM) August 5, 2014

There’s never a single time in my 5 years in EMiNA there’s 10 people at the booth. At times it might have around 5-6 people. But most of the time they just drop by for an hour or less while waiting for their next class. Most cases, they’re not the one in charge to take care of the booth. They just happened to be there and chat for a while and then gone to their class again.

Maybe I wasn’t good at being a president and led my committees, but I did try my best for the members of the club.


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