Converting to Black & White

Hello! Today I’ll share about how I convert my photos to Black & White. I rarely retouch my photo due to my half-purist self. All photo is taken as is, and edited as is aside from the black and white. Shall we start then?

For this one, I’ll be using Photoshop CS5, however which version of Photoshop should do the trick.

1. Boot your Photoshop application, obviously.

2. Pick a photo that you want to convert. Any photo will do. For this tutorial, I’ll be using the image below.


3. Load your photo into the Photoshop. You can drag into the app, or open file. Both will do the job.

Figure 01

As you can see, I have multiple actions that I usually use to resize for my blog, archive purposes and my phone. You can set this method as action as well if you want to.

4. Create a new layer. Empty layer. Then, select Paint Bucket tool. Shortcut key would be [G], but it will select Gradient tool if you haven’t use Paint Bucket tool.

Figure 02

5. Double-click the colour panel at the sidebar and adjust the HEX code to #808080 or you can adjust the RGB to (128,128,128). By doing this you will change the colour to middle gray.

Figure 03

6. Fill the empty layer with the middle gray colour. After that, go to the layer panel and adjust the blend mode to “Color”.

Figure 04

7. You will see that your photo earlier is now in black and white.

Figure 05

This is the final image of the photo.


Few other examples that I converted.

Example 01

Example 02

Example 03


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