Rollei XF 35

So, my girlfriend bought a new (second-hand) camera for me recently. It was quite cheap, around 35 bucks with the leather case included. It was an old Rollei XF 35. It came with fixed lens Sonnar 40mm f/2.3. Some say it’s a successor of Rollei 35, but it doesn’t seems like it. It’s not as sturdy as the old 35, not as compact either. But it has built-in rangefinder system, while 35 is only a viewfinder camera.

Rollei XF 35 w/ Lens Cap

Unfortunately, this is a fully automatic exposure camera, minus the rangefinder bit where you have to focus manually. The rangefinder system is quite a mess in my opinion because it doesn’t have the parallax correction. At the same time, it also has very far minimum focus distance which is 1 meter. Any lesser than that, you won’t be able to focus it.

Rollei XF 35 w/ Sonnar 2.3/40

I just ran through two rolls of film through it. I still have yet to figure out how to manipulate the meter (although you can manually lock the exposure with half press the shutter) perfectly. For now I can say that it was built for a street style photography and any subject further than 5 meter would be a problem to be metered. I guess I just have to do more experiment with it.

Here I include some examples I took using a test roll, Agfa CT Precisa 100.

Rollei Test 01

Rollei Test 02

Rollei Test 03

Rollei Test 04

Rollei Test 05

Rollei Test 06


One thought on “Rollei XF 35

  1. Well, you still managed to get some nice photos out of it. I just picked up two Rollei’s (one 110 film!) and need to put some film through them. The Rolleimatic is a weird beast to behold and the film advance is the front lid of the camera!

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