Multimedia University

I knew MMU ever since I was still a little kid. I was once dreamed to build my own computer technology. It was my dream to surpass Bill Gates (before I know that he’s a cunning thief and he doesn’t make computer). For that, I continue my secondary school with an electrical & electronics engineering studies with a hope that I should learn more about electronics stuff if I want to venture myself and build my own computer. For a kid it was a very ambitious of me.


Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Management

In 2008, I enrolled myself to MMU and I got accepted. In June 2008, I’m officially an MMU undergraduate, amongst about 1000 other students. Being an undergraduate was a whole new experience to me. The orientation week was a lot of fun, and then the university student life began. I was an engineering student, doing my first year (foundation). I made friends with the floor mates, since I didn’t have any roommate throughout the year. Most of them are from my batch and some from the course.

A few weeks after the enrolment, a club registration week was held. I joined several. But I was only active in few. EMiNA, Student Publication Board and Institusi Usrah. EMiNA is a club where most the people who appreciate good animations and Japanese culture gather. While Student Publication Board is a club where people post news regarding the campus and what’s happening around it. Institusi Usrah is where all the Islamic extremist gathers. I was first active in SPB, followed by IU and EMiNA the next. Fast forward, the only club I active now is EMiNA. It has been five years plus now, which means I also has been five years plus in MMU.


EMiNA – Society of Modern Visual Culture

For five years, I’ve learnt a lot, be it my studies, life lessons or the unnecessary one. I’ve met a lot of people, be it MMUs, outsiders or random strangers. I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve experienced a lot too. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll know all these things if I went somewhere else. I think I’ve learnt more about life than whatever course I’m taking at MMU.

Sometimes along the way, I drifted. Sometimes I feel lost. Somehow I feel like I’ve been in MMU for too long. Far too long than a normal student would be. Sometimes, I have the thought of quitting. Pursuing something that I love to do instead, and business is not one of it. But sometimes I thought of what have my parents did or sacrifice to make sure I completed my degree.

Anime Shrine

Anime Shrine Gathering

I’ll try, while I still can. Although there are times that I feel blank, completely lost when I was in examination, drifted. I hope I can finish this one off and continue to do something significant in my life.


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