Comic Fiesta and me.

Dear Comic Fiesta Committee,

As you all know, I am one of the people you guys banned (asides from DustyHawk and God knows who else) from entering Comic Fiesta with any official tag. For those who don’t know me, I was once one of the volunteers for the event itself, and I’m still proud that I did participate in such a great event. However, after a few incidents in the past few years, I was banned entirely from helping out or volunteering for the event, as well as getting the tag for my university club to do coverage for the events. Here I want to disclose all the incidents that happened and let you decide if it’s entirely my fault.

It all started around 2012. First, in the previous year, 2011, I helped Edo to organise a camp for the volunteers. The objective of the camp is to let the volunteers know about Comic Fiesta, identify their roles in Comic Fiesta and what should and should not be done during the event. Because this is the first time they did the camp (they named it Felyne Camp), they allocated a very tight budget for the camp. As far as I know, Edo only had around RM2000 overall to make the camp a success, of which about more than half of that money went to paying for the bus. So, Edo asked me if I could help out using EMiNA Cyber to get the venue for the camp at our campus, Multimedia University Cyberjaya. In the end I helped him because I wanted to know what he wanted to do for the camp. It all went quite smoothly.

Around the middle of 2012, I asked Fazri (Vice President of Comic Fiesta 2012) if they wanted to do it again at the campus so I can book the venue for EMiNA Cyber activities. Mind you, I asked around June, yet they didn’t reply and Fazri said that they wanted to do it at a better facilitated venue. So I’m okay with it and just moved on with the university/club stuff. Around September, Fazri asked me to book the venue for the camp. He told me that they still haven’t got any venue for camp eventhough the camp is just around the corner. So I did, just for the sake of helping Fazri because he’s my senior and he has helped me a lot with the club stuff. He’s also in charge of the camp. I did the booking as for all the required venues as what I did the previous year. So, in exchange for the venue and the help, I asked the Comic Fiesta committee for a booth. I did ask for the booth previous year as well but they said it’s too late that time. So I asked again that year.

However, they (again) said that it’s too late to give me a booth as the booths had just been completely allocated for the doujinkas a few weeks earlier. I got to know that they just didn’t want to give EMiNA Cyber a booth at Comic Fiesta, even if they had extra booth. So I sent an email to Nerv (President of Comic Fiesta 2012) regarding the camp venue in exchange for the booth. All of these matters are going on under the affiliation of EMiNA Cyber and Comic Fiesta, since both of them go a long way back.


Earlier that day, I tweeted something in relation to ACG events in Malaysia on my personal Twitter account. A lot of rambling about the typical things happening in ACG events in Malaysia. Somewhere along the line I tweeted that I don’t feel like helping Comic Fiesta anymore, in a somewhat ill-manner. Mind you, this is my personal account. It has no relation to EMiNA Cyber nor do I speak for EMiNA Cyber in any of the tweets. Entirely from my point of view as a con-goer.

I guess the Comic Fiesta committee took the tweets too seriously. They claimed that I used EMiNA Cyber to blackmail them and that I was trying to bring down the event. So, they decided to ditch EMiNA Cyber, and ask for help from one of their committee who is also a student of MMU. Being accused that way, I had nothing much to say since it wouldn’t matter anyway. I let them be. A few weeks passed and they decided to have a meeting and discussion regarding the venue since I already booked the venue under the club name, and the person who they ask help from can’t get access to the venue.

Luckily, the person they asked help from is also a friend of mine, Vincent. Vincent is a nice guy, he helped me a lot too. One of the committee named Jared (Event Director) come to the meeting with Vincent. Jared said that it was very unprofessional of me to tweet such thing since I’m the President of EMiNA Cyber, so to speak. I would say otherwise since it’s my personal account and it’s all me. I’m a human being too. During the said discussion, they asked me to hand over the venue for the camp to them. I was very reluctant at first, but since Vincent and Fazri asked me to, I did. I didn’t want any more headache myself too. So, Vincent got the venue, they did the camp at MMU as planned and I move on with my life and club activities.

Fast forward ahead, I heard a story that the committee particularly Jared told the Felynes (Comic Fiesta volunteers) that I sabotaged the camp. I also heard that they were chased out from the camp venue at midnight. So, he has been saying that I was the cause for the disaster that happened at the camp. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know why I would want to do that. I just stumbled when I heard of it, confused. From there on, I wasn’t in good term with the Comic Fiesta committee anymore, especially the higher up.

During the event day that year, I got myself a ticket to enter the event. Queuing like others in the hall and waiting to enter the event. In the event itself, I met a friend of mine. He was one of the media that covered Comic Fiesta. He got himself an extra tag for media and I asked him if I can have it. He gave me the tag. Somehow, some of the committees were not pleased to the fact that I have a tag. So, they kept asking me from where I took it. I wasn’t sure should I tell or not, so I just let them be, questioning me from where I took the tag.

This year, they banned me from getting any tags. Any tags, officially from them. One of EMiNA Cyber committee tried to apply for the blogger tag so that we could cover the event. He as EMiNA Cyber couldn’t get through for the tag because they banned me from the event. So, I got a few tickets for the EMiNA Cyber committee myself so that they could cover the event for EMiNA Cyber. They just had to make do with those tickets.

At the same time for this year’s event, I was contacted by one of the exhibitors/sponsors for Comic Fiesta. They needed some manpower for their booth and asked me if I could find them some. Given that they only contacted a week prior to the event, I only managed to find a few and I myself had to help them out. Apparently by doing so, I raised the committee’s attention to the fact that I got myself a tag again this year. The thing that really surprised me was that I was the only one who matters here, even though a bunch of other people who I know have ‘Guest’ tags and they were just lingering around, which doesn’t look like a ‘Guest’ to me. I guess once you hate that person, you’ll always find that person’s faults.


Here’s something for you guys:

1. I am trying to be as professional as I can when it comes to EMiNA Cyber. I don’t keep grudges on your guys and I do my job as the president. My personal life is irrelevent to EMiNA Cyber. Unlike you guys, I have a life separate from my professional role.
2. It is not professional of you to take personal stuff as a serious matter between two establishments.
3. I got myself a tag this year to help a fellow member of my university as they did the exhibition there.

Thank you for reading and I apologise for any mistakes I made.


2 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta and me.

  1. As a ACG lover and blogger as well, I felt sorry to heard such story. Cause I think that it is hard to find some one who dedicated in contributing to the development of ACG, especially in Malaysia. Seriously I think is not proper and indeed, the above mentioned incident is something that I should not happen among ACG lovers or event holders. We gather because of ACG, not gather to ruin each other life.

    However, I would like to know what is the content of the tweets as mentioned above before I reach my final conclusion on the above manner.
    if you (eXo) think is inproper to show it here, just write it to my e-mail or something (Facebook Private mail, maybe?)

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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